Beverly Hills Chihuahua

To introduce the newest four-legged star in the Disney constellation (canis spoiledrottenus, otherwise known as Chloe) we created a playful EPK that puts the wow in Chihuahua. Drawing on the style and humor of the film, the Jetset creative team wrote dialogue for the character of Papi, which was recorded by George Lopez and woven throughout the EPK and features. The result is a dynamic introduction to the film’s charming stars – which interact with the website itself. Chloe “noses” gallery photos into view. Papi digs up the special features, asking audiences “what do these do?” Users can even create a beat-boxing (or, should we say, beat-barking) solo for Papi with a touch of a keyboard. With Jetset and Disney, every dog DOES have its day. Visit the site.